Digging Roots

An orea of happiness and purpose fulfills every inch of your being. Questions and contemplation for the accumulation of life decision and sacrifices taken to providing this lifestyle? No! This is a part of me and what I am. The essence of life itself derived in such a fashion that other options are off the table.  To cut off from all other possible existence on earth for the fulfillment of the highest order value and purpose. This moment. Here and now.

Take a look around and tell me it’s not worth it. Maybe even some excuses why this was not an option for you. A job commitment, financial complications, commute to work, or its just a few miles to far from your favorite restaurant.  Human nature is a funny thing. Based in instinctual evolution to the way we can justify complacency and hindrance toward pursuing our dreams with a description of a “noble cause”.  Then again, some people just want it bad enough.

People who value purpose over profit. People who make life happen. People which alter lives in a positive way. Contribute to community in a positive way.  Providing an ability to produce and soak up such sweet sensations. Such complex compilations of input matrices of perceptions, we call experience as a whole. An experience that makes life worth living. This is what dreams are made of. It does not take 20 years of insight to find an answer. To look back and cherish these things which are set in time, forever. For memories of this quality are priceless.

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