Heating Up

Lake Listings LLC spends the weekend at the lake, vising with the Wixom Lake business community. The Local business community welcomed the team with open arms and full support. The team managed to meet with over nine businesses and business owners to gather some perspective and outlook for the upcoming summer season.

It was very encouraging to see the local businesses thriving in full form, as people prepare for the long awaited summer at the lake. Currently the waters are pretty calm, with only few boats on the water, but it was self evident the lake activity will soon be heating up.  The team witnessed a flurry of activity at Strykers Lakeside Marina. Happy customers were receiving special order hoists, boats were being gassed up and launched, the shop was loaded with customers and the maintenance crews were deep in repair work.   With the cold weather starting to break and the kindling of summer ignited, local home owners are thrilled for the up coming season.

It is this time of the year that Michigan Lake Living pays dividends. Beautiful weather, open water, time with loved ones and late nights by the fire are on the horizon.

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