Memorial Weekend!

With the arrival of Memorial Day, the lake has come alive!  Boating season is in full swing, the Michigan summer weather is finally starting to cooperate and everything is working like it should. There is an exponential increase in the amount of boats on the water, from previous weeks. It is this time of the year you realize just how small the lake can feel. It’s a good reminder that we all take responsibility for keeping each other safe on the water. Do your part to share the lake and drive responsibly while behind the wheel. Save your risky maneuvers for Pontoon Alley, instead of the captain’s chair!

Aside from that, Memorial weekend was a success! The temps were high, the sun was hot and people were plentiful.  It was good seeing pontoon alley in its prime. At the peak of the days you couldn’t find a parking spot if you wanted to, shifting people to crowd other popular areas of the lake.

All in all, everyone had a great time. Luckily there is a long summer ahead. See you on the water!

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